Nathan C. Walker

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for inviting me to serve as a reference. Please provide me with the following information so I can write the best possible letter for you. 

One Month Before: Email me the following attachments one month before the application due date:

  1. Download, complete, and send me a Microsoft Word document with the following information detailing how to address the letter (always best to send it to a real person), information about you and the program for which you are applying, and a summary of the previous work we did together. Please only include factual information.
  2. Your application materials, such as your personal essay that articulates your motivation; 
  3. Your resume that summarizes your academic, work, and volunteer experiences and skills;
  4. Links to your online presence, including social media profiles (website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram); and 
  5. Instructions on how, where, and when to submit the letter of recommendation.

Two Weeks Before: Please send me an email reminder two weeks before the application due date. If you don’t hear from me in 48 hours, call my cell (below) to double-check that I’m still able to complete the letter for you.

I only submit letters where the student has waived their right to view the letter of recommendation.

Thanks again for allowing me to speak to your academic and professional potential. It’s an honor to learn from and with you.



Dr. Nathan C. Walker
Honors College Faculty Fellow
Public Humanities Fellow
Instructor, Department of Philosophy and Religion
College of Arts and Science
Rutgers University, Camden
429 Cooper Street
Camden, NJ 08102
Cell: +1 (202) 286-8991